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WOW! Great CD, the music and lyrics are truly inspired! The music is great, it feels familiar and I want to sing with the band. The lyrics are inspired and I feel the Holy Spirit in me when I listen to this rockin’ music. I bought one for me and one to give to a friend.Dale Waddington Horowitz
Rise has put out a great album, all songs are very guitar driven with vocals contributing flow to the songs. The band, a contemporary rock quartet from California has put their sights on a record devoted to filling the listener with the Spirit and touching the soul. They accomplished it with ease, as the songs and music are beautifully done. Standout tracks are “I’ve Got an Angel” and “Through the Son,” but the…ChelseaFreak Music
This is a Fantastic Alblum! My wife and I needed 2 more copies. The first one got worn out. We can’t wait for next CD and the group to make its way to the east coast. May God Bless the work you guys do.Tom Stephens (NJ)
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all rock! I LOVE YOU GUYS!Tracy
The new CD is true to Rise’s Rock n’ Roll roots, from the sound and feel of Bon Jovi to the writing and harmonies of the Eagles. Stand The Line is a CD for those who miss the genuine sound of a classic Rock band blended with a strong love and devotion for our Lord. These guys have nailed it! In the words of the Righteous Brothers; “If there’s a Rock n’ Roll heaven, you can bet RISE will be headlining! ”Gary G - Sacred Heart Radio
“The album gives off a very ’70s rock and roll feel to it. The band seem to be very good at writing very challenging and honest lyrics, lyrics that definitely reflect the emotions and thoughts that have been with the band as the songs were written.”Jeremy C. - Cross Rhythms-UK
“This band is quite simply awesome! I have never been much of a fan of Christian music. While the lyrics are often inspirational, the music can lull you to sleep. Until now . . . I would challenge anyone to sleep through “Stand The Line”! Strong male voices command your attention to lyrics that challenge the soul. The studio-recorded tracks are nothing less than perfectly balanced – the music rocks! Congrats, RISE, on this…Suz - Amazon

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