Rise came together in October 1999, when 3 very different men united.

One, a Police Officer, one, the president and CEO of an international tech

company, and one, a sales manager for an industrial materials manufacturer.


The only thing these three individuals had in common was that they were

embarking on a journey to know Jesus Christ.

Steve, the Sales Manager and family man had not known Jesus Christ during

his life, but in one life altering instant, he made a promise, a “deal”, with God.

This deal would give him new hope and a life he never dreamed possible.

Mike, the Police Officer and family man was raised without God. Years of

witnessing death, violence and pain on the mean streets of Los Angeles led

him down the dark path of questioning the very existence of God. After years

of emptiness, a cry out to God with one simple prayer “Show me the way!” led

him to Christ, the Church and a new life.

Jorge, the CEO of an international tech company and family man, is a life long

Catholic. He learned that Steve was interested in knowing Christ and entering

the Church. Jorge committed himself to sponsoring and mentoring Steve

throughout his journey. This commitment helped to strengthen his faith and

experience the Joy of watching stone-hearted men break down the barriers

and receive Christ.

We became involved in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) in

October of 1999, desiring to enter the Catholic Church. This would be the

beginning of powerful life changes, the formation of deep friendships and the

birth of the Christian Rock Ministry now known as Rise!

In the early part of 2003 our prayer and search for the right 4th member

was answered when drummer Mike Partain joined our ministry. Mike was a

Protestant who had played drums with a Catholic choir for several years. He

has an extensive rock and roll background from the same generation and

style as Steve, Mike and Jorge. In 2006, Mike Partain completed his RCIA

journey and was welcomed into the Church on Easter Vigil 2006, Praise


Rise has recorded and released 3, albums, with all original music. “Through

the Son” (2002), “Stand the Line” (2006) and “So Help Me God” (2012).

Over the past 12 years, Rise has toured the United States, performing at

Church events and festivals, both big and small and in August 2005 was

invited to participate and perform during World Youth Day festivities in

Germany. This was an incredible experience! Not only did we perform several

times, but we also provided daily news reports, a blog and pictures from the

event to

has always been a not-for-profit endeavor. We have all been Blessed


with good careers, so for several years Rise has helped to fund various

projects via World Vision Ministries, as well as other deserving Christian

charities, with any money earned from CD sales. Rise always performs for

free and we try our best to make ourselves available wherever we are called

to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.