Album: So Help Me God

Rise: So Help Me God

Album: Stand The Line

What do you get when you mix a bunch of 80′s rockers, only now they are a Police Officer, the president and CEO of an international tech company, a sales manager for an industrial materials manufacturer and a general contractor? and the only thing these four individuals had in common was music and Jesus Christ!YOU GET RISE! The Christian Rock and Roll Ministry that has touched tens of thousands of people from around the world since the release of their debut CD “Through the Son.” Now available, the latest release from Rise, “Stand the Line.”

Rise: Stand The Line

Album: Through The Son

This CD is full of quality guitar driven rock music from the band. The guitar work found on this CD is topnotch. While the drum work may be more in the background it is like a fine spice is to a good cooking dish adding that extra touch to make the dish taste perfect. Both the lead and background vocals are tight, crisp, clear and blend nicely in each song. I also have to give a mention to non-band member Scott Doyle who added his talents to the CD playing piano, organ and keyboards on the songs. His efforts add nice musical additions to the songs. The subject’s that the songs deal with range from all out praises to the Lord to all that Jesus has done and wants to do for us if we only seek Him out and accept His Love. One of the more touching songs is, “Brothers In Arms,” a song dedicated to NYFD Chaplain Father Mychal Judge, who gave his life in service to the Lord during the tragic events of 9/11. This CD is top notch and real quality all the way. The music is very professional and a lot can be gained from listening to the lyrics. I recommend that you get a copy of this CD.
by C.W. Ross,

Rise: Through The Son